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Türkiye İş Bankası prefered Denge Yapi for Steel Structure Fireproofing

The steel skeleton in Izmit, Turkey carrier with the system under construction at Turkiye Is Bank Building Services, Fire Protection Coating, the Grace of monokote ® Mk6-s was preferred.

Dupont Turkey prefered Denge Yapi for Passive Fire Protection in İzmit Plant.

Within the plant, fire partitions and fire walls, flooring transition from doing plumbing, pipe penetrations, air ducts and cable trays transition, firestop applications, procurement and implementation services Equilibrium Structure chose. Within the plan

Zorlu Energy Thermal Power Plant project in Denizli 3M Fire Stops were preferred by Denge Yapi.

The installation of fire walls of the plant components and shafts 3M Fire Stop Applications Done.

We are starting our second project in Equatorial Gineu.

Which will be new, with steel structure fireproofing coatings for steel structures shoping mall project was undertaken DENGE YAPI.

TUSAŞ Choosed Denge Yapi for Firestoping works

Turkish Aerospace Industries, TUSAŞ choosed Denge Yapi for Passive Fire Protection Systems.

Nuh Cement Factory prefered Denge Yapi for Firestop Mortar & Firestop System Details.

Nuh Cement Factory prefered Firestop Mortar " Monokote HPM Firestop Mortar " for penetration fire wall and shaft penetration of cable, cable tray, busways. We used 3M Firestop Products for other system details.

Sabancı University, chose the denge yapi for passive fire protection needs.

University campus within the through tunnels to be made to protect cables and ducts, firestop cable coating for protection, leaving behind their competitors in the electronic procurement Our company is preferred.

Kayalar Chemistry coosed Denge Yapi for passive fire protection

29 June 2014 After the fire on Kayalar Chemistry Factory Passive Fire Protection in Chemical Factory firestop applications from Denge Yapi

Eurasia Tunnel ( Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Project )

Eurasia Tunnel PFP Passive Fire Protection Aplication & Firestoping works from Denge Yapi.

Baku GEMS International School Project Realised

zerbaycan Bakü GEMS International Okul Projesi


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