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BlazeSeal Flexible Intumescent Strip

Fire rated door gasket

Material Safety Data Sheet

Firestop Product Information:

BlazeSeal™ creates a firm seal that prevents the flow of hot smoke, gases, and flames through the door-to-frame clearance of single or double-leaf doors by forming a fire barrier around the perimeter.

Firestop Additional Information:

•    Versatile, Flexible
•    Highly intumescent (multiple staged)
•    Wide size range for less waste
•    Forms a strong char to more easily pass the hose stream test and increased pressure requirements

Firestop Product Document Downloads:


Firestop Key Features:

  • Intumescent material expands when heated to seal around objects exposed to fire
  • Smoke seal retards spread of toxic by-products of combustion
  • Documented aging properties
  • Excellent flexibility for easy and cost-effective installation
  • Low flame spread and smoke development
  • Can be cut required length
  • Re-enterable (no special tools required)
  • Low odor

Firestop Typical Applications:

A cost-effective means of sealing doors, frames, and glass where fire resistance is necessary. Its intumescent action expands in a fire to seal doors, frames, and glazing applications which helps prevent the passage of fire, smoke and noxious gas. Its excellent flexibility provides a means of
conforming to the specific applications, providing ease of installation.