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Material Safety Data Sheet

Firestop Product Information:

Passive Fireprotection | Firestop Mortar

Monokote® Type HPM firestop mortar is a single component, dry powder blend that is mixed with water to form a pourable Trowelable material suitable for firestopping openings in fire-rated walls and floors, such as those made for cable trays, electrical busways, and multiple steel pipes or conduits. When cured, it forms a rigid, lightweight, non-combustible barrier against the spread of flames, when installed according to the AVI Firestop Installation Instructions or UL Fire Resistance Directory.

Firestop Mortar Application Detail

Firestop Additional Information:

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Firestop Key Features:

Composition and Materials Monokote® Type HPM is a single component blend of Portland Cement, quarts (sands), perlite and continuous glass filament. When the 20 kg contents per pail are thoroughly and properly mixed with 8 litres ± 1 quart of potable water, its consistency become ideal for pouring on Monokote. Acceptable product and substrate application temperature range of 40ºF to 100ºF.

Firestop Typical Applications:

Monokote® Type HPM is designed for sealing penetrations where a fire rated sealant is not practical. Typical applications include multiple steel and copper pipes or conduits, cable trays, and electrical busways.