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Firestop Mastic AVIMASTIC

Firestop Product Information:

AVIMASTIC is an elastomeric intumescent sealant. It is a high solid water based acrylic, specially compounded to provide exceptional adhesive and elastomeric properties for a high fire stopping sealant requirement for sealing joint in walls, floors and ceiling, to seal around architraves and frames, to seal fire rated duct work. 

Firestop Additional Information:

Compartment walls and floors must maintain the appropriate level of fire resistance as laid down by Building Regulations Approved Document B 1991. Movement joints in walls, floors and joints at the head of walls need a product that can provide movement and at the same time provide up to 4 hours integrity. Avimastic satisfies all these requirements.


Firestop Product Document Downloads:


Firestop Key Features:

A medium viscosity paste containing acrylic emulsion, inert fillers and fungicide. Can be used internally or externally.
 Maximum joint width - 35mm
 Optimum performance depth to width ratio - 1 to 2
 Colors Available - standard colors red, white, others available to special order
 Can be over painted
 Toxicity NES 715 issue 3,
 Average Toxicity Index Value – 0.44
 Tack free time - 15-50 minutes depending on temperature/humidity.
 Thixotropic thorough curing - 20 days time at 20°C for 20mm depth
 Packing - 310 ml Cartridges


Firestop Typical Applications:

Fully tested to 4 hours fire protection using either mineral wool or PE backing rods. No smoke, halogen free NES 715 issue tested for low toxicity of 0.44 ATIV (Average Toxicity Index Value)

• Can be used to seal joints in floors, walls and ceilings
• Can be used to seal round door architraves and frames
• Can be used to seal fire rated duct work
• Joint movement capability +/- 10%
• Bonds to brick, plaster, concrete, wood, metal and painted surfaces
• Give up to 4 hours integrity