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Firestop Product Information:

Metacaulk® Industrial Cable Coating is a heavy duty, acrylic latex based coating used to prevent flame spread on power and communication cables. Industrial Cable Coating is designed to resist the spread of fire along the cable jacketing and to extend the circuit integrity of the electrical cables during a fire. It has a low odor, and is compatible with and adheres to typical cable jacketing materials. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, applied using a paintbrush or a airless spray equipment and able to be easily applied to both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Metacaulk® Industrial Cable Coating is halogen free and does not contain solvents, plasticizers, asbestos, or other hazardous inorganic fibers. Metacaulk® Industrial Cable Coating has low odor, is compatible with and adheres to typical cable jacketing materials. Our formulation has been used by major utilities and corporations for over 25 years and is considered by some to be the industry standard.

Firestop Additional Information:

Metacaulk® Industrial Cable Coating is a water-based, ready-to-use, heavy duty spray coating which is Factory Mutual (FM) approved. This product is ablative and is designed to prevent vertical or horizontal propagation of fire along grouped or single communication or power cables.

Metacaulk® Industrial Cable Coating has been specifically designed for use in Industrial and Utility applications. Metacaulk® Industrial Cable Coating is suitable for interior or exterior applications and is both UV and weather resistant. (Metacaulk® Industrial Cable Coating is also virtually unaffected by radiation
exposure.) The application of an additional protective coating is not necessary.

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