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Intumescent Cable Coating
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Material Safety Data Sheet

Firestop Product Information:

A water based intumescent coating that expands under the effect of heat to form an insulating layer to power cables to stop the spread of fire along them.

AVICOAT does not require a top coating and can be applied in one fast application. AVICOAT is tested in International Marine Organization / SOLAS standards and has been shown to produce low spread of flames, low toxicity, low smoke and contains no halogens. Tested for 90 minutes circuit Integrity for electric cables at Warrington Fire Research, U.K. as per IEC 60331-21:1999. 

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It is often used in confined spaces in underground and marine/shipping situations where burning cables can create extreme hazards from smoke, toxicity and unnecessary power failure.

When cables and cable trays are coated with AVICOAT, fire is prevented from spreading further along the cable insulation so reducing aggressive vapors given off by PVC. Minimizing explosion hazard without altering the thermal conductivity of the plastic cable sheath so the current carrying capacity of the cables remains unchanged. 

Because of the intumescent nature of AVICOAT, small gaps between cables or between cables and cable trays will be sealed.




Firestop Additional Information:

AVICOAT is suitable for coating electrical cabling to minimize fire spread. As it is solvent free it can be used in confined or enclosed areas of poor natural ventilation or areas with a high risk of explosion.

AVICOAT is fiber free and can be sprayed or brushed easily onto reasonable clean cable sheathes and steel cable trays. It remains highly flexible after curing allowing for cable movement during its long service life.

AVICOAT is low weight, low film thickness, has low thermal insulation properties which leaves the current carrying capacity of the cables unchanged.

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Firestop Key Features:

Firestop Typical Applications:

Can be applied by brush, spray or airless spray. As AVICOAT does not contain fibers it is easy to apply. It does not require top coating. Thin if required with water although AVI does not recommend thinning as it makes maintaining the correct thickness without runs very difficult.

Use 18 – 21 thou spray tip/nozzles.

Film thickness wet – Approximately 2 mm

Film thickness dry – Approximately 1.5 mm

Spread rate approximately 2 Lt. / m²

Exposed cables and cable trays should be coated on all sides including underneath. Gaps and spaces should receive extra coating.

The recommended coating thickness is easily possible in one application.
Drying At 20 C and below 70% humidity the coating should be touch dry in 4 hrs and hard dry in 12 hours.